Partners & Friends

We get by with a little help from our friends!

Life is always made better with the help of friends.   Along the way we've made a lot of friends, and potentially a few enemies?  But the friends were well worth it.   When someone helps you out, you almost have to bottle it somehow so you can take it out and drink it as a celebration when you are further down the road and need a reminder of the support you had. Here are a few of our friends (not in any order):  


The founders of Cyberith believed in us from the start!  Makers of one of the most popular standing locomotive VR solutions, "The Virtualizer"

Android Andrew

Andrew is amazing with getting all things programming done!   Especially as it pertains to Android.   

The Vuka

The Vuka was our first event, our roll-out, in Austin, Texas.   They helped us tell who we were to the World, during SXSW!

Christian Zdebel

The guy gets how things are interconnected!   Anyone who is able to learn and visualize as fast as Christian knows what it's like to be a good student and a great listener.  


OSVR is a fine group of outstanding individuals!  They know most everyone and are pushing for something that makes life easier for all of us -- standardization!

Riggs Creative

Christian Riggs has been incredible to get creative work done quickly and awesomely in the Adobe suite!

Nick of NK Machine

Nick Emenaker worked miracles, just like he does every day.  Check them out.

Michael Seefelt

Mike is the connective tissue of many things electronics and firmware related.   A jack of many trades, and a master of a few more.   Looking forward to more work, as well as more leisure next to the bonfire. 

E. Greenbaum

Great leadership on all things from structure to Intellectual Property.   Eric is an ever present help in a time of need.  Also fun to game with!

Santa Cruz Shari

Shari kept things moving on the ground in the Valley when we couldn't.   Trustworthy, self-directed, self-motivated, and passionate in execution are all words that just scratch the surface of who Shari is.

B. Hawkins

There aren't general good-guys left anymore.   Brent went out of his way to connect me with the right people, at the right place, at the right time.   Hopefully, in time, Brent and I will work together with these connections!

Steckler Circuits

Tim Steckler of Steckler Circuits has been amazing at helping us navigate the creation of circuit boards and navigating the FCC and UL certification hurdles...   Even providing shelter and sanity during SXSW in Austin, Texas.

SVVR - Karl

Karl is the man, who knows all men.   He makes introductions easy, and he makes incredible gatherings happen.   Definitely a cornerstone of the VR movement.

Colton W.

Get's stuff done.   Passionate about technology.  Creates wind, fire, & rain on command.   He took the time to understand the turris technology and provide meaningful input.    He also understands operation and theory so as much to be able to give demos of the chair by himself!