Developer Resources

taking care of our canaries!

We Make it Easier for Developers!

Developers in VR are our canaries in the coal mine...    

It used to be that coal miners would have canaries in a cage down there with them in the mine as an indicator if conditions were safe for sustaining life.   If the canaries croaked -- the miners knew it was time to bail.   That being said, if developers are alive and well, and prospering, then so will everyone else!

We make it easier for developers to create VR solutions and content based on the turris.  We are creating start files for the major engines that will allow developers to reference the original intentions and create their own masterpieces from there.    We even have a setting that allows the chair to behave like an Xbox controller so that a developer can test their creation without even having access to a turris!

As we have additional start files, we will populate the various pages for Unity Engine, Unreal Engine, Source Engine, and specific Android and iOS necessities!