VR Motion Solutions

We at Praevidi are proud to offer:

An early access program for developers of technology, and extreme enthusiasts, for the turris.   We offer two configurations for this program and we build in batches.   So, it is possible to pre-order and get in the queue.   In general, wait time can be 2 days or 10 weeks depending on stock.    Feel free to contact us for specifics.

Please also realize that these are hand-built industrial creations, and are significantly more expensive and robust than the consumer release versions that will come off-tool.  These devices are intended for those in the VR trenches, doing demos and developing content for a future consumer release.   Consumer ready and validated release versions scheduled 2016 Quarter 3 will be less costly and created to provide solutions sets focused on tethered, untethered, and PC or console configurations.

For now, we will offer only two versions.  One version for tethered (wired) head mounted displays (like oculus or OSVR), the other for untethered (wireless) head mounted displays (like google cardboard or galaxy gear).    This product release level is ideal for you if you are:

  • Running VR demos in limited booth space / real estate
  • Need to demo VR content, but want reliable, easy to deploy, and consistent demo riggings
  • Need to demo VR content while keeping people safe from falling / tangle issues
  • Need to demo VR content compatible with hands-free movement
  • Need to develop VR content that is forward thinking and requires innovative movement approach

Please realize we are not just strapping an MPU to a structure that you sit on.   We are solving the real VR problems.  Review our features for additional information, as this is a total, comprehensive, forward-looking VR solution that takes into account the the best practices for movement performance, physiological phenomenons of the human body responses in VR, as well as the perils of using today's existing VR technology. 


Interested in a turris or VR capable slip ring?  

If so, let's start a conversation so we can make sure you get what you need -- even if it's just additional information.

 turris: tethered (wired) oculus type HMD
 turris: untethered (wireless) galaxy gear type HMD
 praevidi rotary slip connector: HDMI + USB
 praevidi rotary slip connector: HDMI + USB + Power + 3 Aux
 other or custom built product

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