VR Capable Rotary Slip Connectors

our custom made rotary slip connectors for HDMI, USB, power, & signal lines

We have what you need!

but do you know what you need?

Our custom rotary slip connectors come in several flavors:

Option #1:  HDMI, USB -- Great for getting Typical VR information into your treadmill, chair, cockpit

  • Two female HDMI connects (AWG30 Teflon Coated wires)
  • Two female USB connects (AWG26/28 Coated Wires
  • One set of ends is 6 inches long, the other set is 8 feet long

Option #2:  HDMI, USB, Power, 3 Developer Circuits  -- Great for onboard or offboard PC on a rotating game chair (like the turris)

  • Two female HDMI connects
  • Two female USB connects
  • Male power and female power ends (US 110V -- "NEMA 5-15" AWG17 Teflon Coated)
  • Color coded insulated wire
  • Both ends from the slip connector are about 3.25 feet long

All of our rotary slip connectors tested to a:

  • Ingress Protection of IP54:  Great if you plan on using in hurricane conditions
  • working speed of 0 to 100 RPM:  prizes for those individuals that are capable of spinning that this RPM long-term
  • 120VAC/DC:  Plenty
  • temperature range of -20°C to +60°C:  Game with gloves on if you are cold, or in a sauna..
  • Precious metal contacts:  Tear it apart and make jewelry?
  • Insulation resistance is around 100M Ohm at 500VDC:  Means you aren't likely to short something out...
  • Dielectric Strength of equal to or greater than 500VAC@50Hz:  Yep, that's cool.
  • Electrical Noise level of less than 15mΩ:  Super handy if you plan on using USB or HDMI
  • Housing made of engineered plastic:  Means it's strong.
  • Warrantied against manufacturing defects, not abuse:  Treat it right, it lasts.   Be stupid and you both fail.
  • Tested 100% before shipping
These are precision devices.  That being said, the device is not designed to carry torsional load, axial load, or cantilever load.  Therefore, we suggest that your implementation have supported wires and strain relief.  The less loading, the longer the device will last!  Also, these are wires with connectors.  These connectors and wires can be damaged by smashing, constant bending back and forth (just like your cell phone charger cables that go bad).    We use high-end connectors and wire to minimize these things, but it never hurts to remind people!

Interested in a turris or VR capable slip ring?  

If so, let's start a conversation so we can make sure you get what you need -- even if it's just additional information.

 turris: tethered (wired) oculus type HMD
 turris: untethered (wireless) galaxy gear type HMD
 praevidi rotary slip connector: HDMI + USB
 praevidi rotary slip connector: HDMI + USB + Power + 3 Aux
 other or custom built product

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