Early Access turris - Wireless HMD

turris - for wireless HMD

Example Applications: Galaxy Gear, Google Cardboard


  • Metal
    • Aluminum, scuff-resistant, CNC'd feet
    • Aluminum, scuff-resistant, base trim ring
    • 8020 style aluminum extrusion uprights
    • Corrosion resistant fasteners
    • Heavy duty steel chassis and ball bearing turntable
  • Wood
    • High grade multiple-ply hardwood plywood
    • All visible black coated
  • Plastic
    • ABS, High-Resolution, High-Infill FDM
    • Delrin in some places
  • Upholstery
    • High quality, easy to clean, simulated leather seat
    • Seat will have back support and phantom armrests
    • Base shroud will be two color, double stitched, ABS and foam reinforced

Arduino Based Logic Controller

  • USB Programmable
  • Powered via USB adapter
  • USB HID -- Seen as XBOX derivative & keyboard
  • Analog MPU and Mechanical Switches for movement
  • Optical Encoder for reading torso angle for uncoupled move/look
  • Free release upgrades (will require user to flash via USB)
  • Bluetooth Connectivity (Android only currently, planned iOS)
  • Consumer intent logic release, prototype boards
  • Powered by your choice of onboard USB/Cell Charger Power Pack

Proprietary rotary slip connector:

  • Available as upgrade

Interested in a turris or VR capable slip ring?  

If so, let's start a conversation so we can make sure you get what you need -- even if it's just additional information.

 turris: tethered (wired) oculus type HMD
 turris: untethered (wireless) galaxy gear type HMD
 praevidi rotary slip connector: HDMI + USB
 praevidi rotary slip connector: HDMI + USB + Power + 3 Aux
 other or custom built product

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